Through Fog

inspired by the sunlight 
that filtered through the fog 
to reach my eyes 
this precious morning


sunlight streams in
through my watery windows
I pour out my struggle
in watery tears

thunderclouds gather
above my teardrops
I see the reflections
of watery fears

straining to fall
through the fog to see
the fire of love
in the dead of the night

stumbling to seek
for something more
my humanness tries
to put up a fight

let your spirit be
the light on my path
for I know nought above
the ground where I stand

I cannot run blind
not pursuing your fire
I won't fight the dark
til you take my hand


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Bethie Grace said...

That's beautiful Olivia!

Olivia Ruigrok said...

Thankyou Bethany :)

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